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Tampa's Weekend Improv Intensive, at The Box, 8/11 - 8/12

  • Hillsbourough Community College, Tampa, Florida United States (map)

Two full days of life-changing improv!

This will be my first time at Tampa, Florida's The Box theater, and I'm excited about the possibilities. Friday, August 11, 10am to 5pm, and Saturday, August 12, 10am to 5pm. Both days are required for registration, and once we're done you'll see why!
Here's the offerings:

Sharpen your Point of View – The very first exchanges of your scene tell you all you need to know about who you are and where to emotionally and energetically go. Are you aware of that? Are you listening to yourself at that time? Hmm? Are ya’? This workshop will guide you to your point of view, and have you following yourself confidently, bravely, excitedly, and easily. It’s as simple as that!

Seeing the First Step is the First Step—When you enter a scene with a plan, you have to follow that plan, something your partner knows nothing about. When you come into a scene with awareness, then see what’s really there…where to stop moving, where to put your focus, your opening line. Everything. Know how to know, and then have the confidence to follow through. It’s all in The First Step.

Shape/Gesture/Tempo: Viewpoints Elements in Action – Whether you’re an old pro using Viewpoints, or just you just wanna be mindful of these, using Shape, Gesture and Tempo creates instant character, dynamic and scenes without you adding anything but your awareness (which you’re already bringing!). No previous Viewpoints classes needed for you to take this workshop and begin your new way of feeling/being/acting/living!

Register here. This will change the way you act. Just ask those who've experienced this level of improv training.