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Seattle! 5/14-19, "Three Nights of Viewpoints" + "Improv is Acting"

  • Windows Art Gallery 4131 Woodland Park Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98103 United States (map)

“Three Nights of Viewpoints” and ”Improv is Acting”

Two Events in Six Days!

Tuesday, 5/14
Wednesday, 5/15
Thursday, 5/16
Three Nights of Viewpoints

Anne Bogart and Tina Landau’s Viewpoints changed the way I improvise, and they’ll change how you improvise, too. The Viewpoints gives you strong tools to help you see what’s around you by teaching you how to see.

What is your partner telling you in the way they sit? How do you feel about your partner being two feet from you? What does that little twitch in their eye mean? Learn to observe and open yourself up to unlimited discovery. The Viewpoints is a wonderful way to see your partner, your scene, and the world.

(Participation in any one of the Three Nights of Viewpoints workshops makes you eligible for the weekend Improv is Acting intensive. All workshops take place at Windows Art Gallery, 4131 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103)

Shape The way your partner is sitting, standing or leaning immediately tells you a lot about them. Your shape and your partner’s shape are emotional delivery systems, expressing hidden feelings and wants. Read your partner’s physical distance and give your scene a strong start with a strong opening line inspired by what you’re seeing and feeling.  
Tuesday, May 14th, 7-10pm

Shape, 5/14
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Spatial Relationship The distance between you and your partner emotionally informs you. When you’re three feet from each other, that’s one story; three inches, another. If your partner moves towards, you it affects you. When you’re aware of spatial relationship, you’re receiving all the information you need to give your scene strength. 
Wednesday, May 15th, 7-10pm

Spatial Relationships, 5/15
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Gesture Whether you're aware of it or not, gesture is an emotional response conveyed by your body. Did you see a twitch in your partner’s eye, a wink, a raised eyebrow? These gestures are clues telling you that they’ve emotionally changed. Learn how to read your partner’s gestures and use them to build tension, strong characters and long-lasting scenes.
Thursday, May 16th, 7-10pm

Gesture, 5/16
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Friday, 5/17 - Sunday, 5/19
THE Improv is Acting, a Weekend Workshop IS SOLD OUT

The best improvisers use the truth of the moment to bring compelling life to their stage work. The laughs they get come from honesty, not cleverness. Great improvisers know playing their vulnerabilities leads to surprises. Nothing grabs the audience more than seeing something they didn’t expect, like someone expressing a truth they otherwise wouldn’t publicly.

Improv is Acting is a weekend-long deep dive into the power of honest interactions. We’ll focus on how to bring humor to the scene while maintaining strong connections and points of view. Learn how working slowly, mindfully and patiently creates compelling work. Become aware of how you’re feeling and you’ll be in control of your scene’s journey.

David will join the cast for a culmination performance at The Pocket Theater 7pm on Sunday, May 19th. 

Improv is Acting is open to students who have worked with David in previous workshops. It is also open to any student who has taken at least one of the Three Nights of Viewpoints workshops. All workshops take place at Windows Art Gallery, 4131 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Friday, May 17th, 7-10pm
Saturday, May 18th, 10am - 5pm 
Sunday, May 19th, 10am - 5pm (There will be a one-hour lunch break Saturday and Sunday.)

Culmination Performance
Sunday, May 19th, 7-8pm
The Pocket Theater
8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA  98103

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