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Back in Seattle Again! Three weeknight classes plus an advance weekend intensive.

  • Windows Gallery 4131 Woodland Park Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98103 United States (map)

A weeklong immersion into great,
freeing improvisation.

Coming off of an inspiring improv intensive in Seattle this spring, I've crafted an opportunity for more of the Seattle acting community to connect through the mindful, aware, patient, honest, and truthful approach to improv that has moved so many. 

(Please know that the electives have no pre-requisites. In other words, if you're curious about improvisation but have yet to jump into the freedom, the insight and the fun it brings, join us!)

I'm offering three electives for new students or students wanting a "refresher." The elective masterclasses will be followed by Finesse, a weekend intensive open to those who have taken at least one of the electives or those who have studied with me beforeFinesse will culminate in a performance on Monday, August 13th, 7:30pm, at The Pocket Theater, 8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA  98103.

Here are the offerings:

Expressing Your Point of You. The heart of all of our work. Most scenes go off track because we’re not aware of our character’s point of view; what their intentions are. This workshop, hailed as “Vital…an eye-opener…,” exposes you to what you’re feeling, what your focus is, and what you get to give attention to. This is a great workshop!
Tuesday, August 7th, 7-10pm $65

Strong Entrances, Strong Choices. Be aware of all that’s happening at the top of your scene, and you’ll be aware of the power you have in your character. It starts as all things do: at the beginning! See it, feel it, engage in it. Because you can!
Wednesday, August 8th, 7-10pm $65

Pro-(Positive) Choices. SOLD OUT A toolbox contains more than a hammer, so shouldn’t your scenes contain more than anger and conflict? Find creative freedom when positive emotional choices drive your scenes. Guide your scenes forward without a need to conjure up an argument, defend your side of the story, or your need to have your ego intact at the scene’s end. It’s not about winning our losing—it’s about keeping the scene alive.
Thursday, August 9th, 7-10pm $65

Finesse, A Weekend Improv Intensive. SOLD OUT Open to all students who have taken at least one of the electives listed above and those who have studied with me before. Finesse builds on the skills of mindfulness, awareness, kinesthetic response, truthfulness, and breath to create longer scenes, deeper scenes, surprising scenes you've never done before. We will review the basics of connectedness, and fly from there. 
Friday, August 10th, 7-10pm, Saturday, August 11th, 10am-5pm, and Sunday, August 12th, 10am-5pm.
There will be a Finesse performance on Monday, August 13th, at 7:30pm, at The Pocket Theater, 8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA  98103.

All masterclasses will take place at Windows Gallery, 4131 Woodland Park Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98103. Classes are non-refundable.