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#RazInOrlando! January 27-29! Five Workshops, So Rest Up.

  • SAK Comedy Lab 29 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL, 32801 United States (map)

SAK Comedy Lab is one of the premier improv meccas in the US. This is not hyperbole. This is "emmes" ("truth"). Every workshop I've taught there has left me with a sense of joy and inspiration. I'll be teaching five workshops over the weekend.

Exposition is Your Friend! | Jan 27th at 7:00pm

How much info is too much info? How much do you need to define to get your scene going? When does a scene organically go from "fact" to "truth"? Become aware of the feeling of being present, and you will suddenly know where you go next. This class is for onstage and off!

Pro-(Positive) Choices | Jan 28th at 1:00pm

A toolbox contains more than a hammer, so shouldn’t your scenes contain more than anger and conflict? Find creative freedom when positive emotional choices drive your scenes. Guide your scenes forward without a need to conjure up an argument, defend your side of the story, or your need to have your ego intact at the scene’s end. It’s not about winning our losing---it’s about keeping the scene alive.

Sharpened Point of View | Jan 28th at 6:00pm

The very first exchanges of your scene tell you all you need to know about who you are and where to emotionally and energetically go. Are you aware of that? Are you listening to yourself at that time? Hmm? Are ya’? This workshop will guide you to your point of view, and have you following yourself confidently, bravely, excitedly, and easily. It’s as simple as that!

Operation Cooperation | Jan 29th at 1:00pm

Are you helping your partner smoothly fly through the scene, or are you not aware? If you’re there to be your partner’s “Hype Man,” you’re the perfect partner. The finest of scenes start with two actors working with one mind…the scene’s mind! Make the stage your “cooperating room!”

It’s All Here | Jan 29th at 6:00pm

There is never nothing. Are you aware of that? From stillness and silence comes great gifts of character and heightening and forwarding and surprising. This workshop will expose you to what you already know but didn’t hear, what you’ve been looking at but not seeing. What you’ve been sensing but not feeling. Guaranteed to make you awake you.