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Two-Day Tuneup at The San Francisco Improv Fest!

  • San Francisco, CA (map)

We're calling this "Improvisational Tuneup with David Razowsky." I approve, but with a caveat: You don't need to tune-up what's running well. Let's "sub" call it the "Here's Another Way of Looking at It" workshop. This workshop is designed for improvisors with experience who are ready to engage in scenework from the heart.

Two days, three hours a day at one of the best fests in the world. 

5 different areas of focus to level up your all-around play and show you new possibilities in your work!

Expressing Your Point Of You!  Most scenes go off track because we’re not aware of our character’s point-of-view, what their intentions are. This workshop, hailed as “Vital…an eye-opener…,” exposes you to what your feeling, what your focus is, and what you get to give attention to.

Exposition Is your Friend! How much info is too much info? How much do you need to define to get your scene going? When does a scene organically go from "fact" to "truth"? Become aware of the feeling of being present, and you will suddenly know where you go next. This class is for onstage and off!

Let It Go – You’ll Be Happy You Did! Are you making decisions of where the scene’s supposed to go without letting it go where it wants to go? Start your scenes strongly, certainly and surprisingly. If you think you know where your scene’s going…you’re probably missing out on some great experiences! 

The Scene At The End Of The Game Of The Scene Are you abandoning your scene once your “game” is over because you’ve been taught that there’s nothing worth pursuing once the game’s done? Hey, THAT’S WHERE THE FUN LIVES! Play the game, then stay for the wonderful surprises that come after.

Information is here.