Raz in LA: An Improv Workshop

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Raz in LA: An Improv Workshop


An Innovative Approach to Improv

After traveling around the world for the past several years I’m coming back to LA to teach a month of workshops. My approach to improvisation is simple: Be emotionally aware. Period.  Instead of following the “improv rules” we follow our hearts, the most direct paths to connection and inspiring scene work.

Whether you’ve been an improviser for years or only a few months this workshop is for you. This is designed to push you to the next artistic level, no matter what level you’re at. We’ll start out by learning how to recognize and express what we’re feeling, then we’ll move on to connecting to our partners and our points of view. In order for you to get the most personal attention, the workshop will be limited to 10 students in four three-hour classes. 

Come join us and see why actors have called this methodology “freeing,” “exhilarating,” “inspiring,” and “artistically refreshing.”

David Razowsky…will inspire you to consider every breath, movement, eye blink, touch and word in a scene. He will inspire you to become the actor you never thought you were and show you that in the first second of an improv scene, you already have everything you need.”
Isla Suddek

Wednesdays, 7-10
1/8, 1/15,1/ 22, 1/29, 2020
Thymele Arts
5481 Santa Monica Blvd.Los Angeles, 90029

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There will be no refunds, but exchanges are allowed.
The workshop is open to students 18 and over.
Parking is available on premise. Rates vary.