Putting it All Together, Seattle! A Weekend Improv Intensive

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Putting it All Together, Seattle! A Weekend Improv Intensive


Putting it All Together, A Weekend Improv Intensive

David Razowsky has been traveling all over the world working with actors on a very specific type of impro: Mindful, fully-aware, “Present Presence” work. Razowsky’s focus creates real scenes in real time, organic discoveries, surprising turns, and satisfying true moments.

Over the course of 3 days, participants in Putting it All Together will focus on: 

  • Recognizing and creating from a strong “point of view.”
  • The creative certainty that comes with confident heightening, and how that in itself creates strong characters and relationships.
  • “Owning” the stage and your place in it.
  • Creating a sense of “where” without thinking, planning, worrying, or inventing.
  • Learning to surrender emotional elements of the scene in order to build honest and real scenarios.

Putting it All Together is a toolbox of confidence, allowing the actor to enter any stage, work with any other actor, and live in boundless full environments. Those who have worked with Razowsky know one thing: their work strengthens each time they participate in on one of his workshops.

All students will perform with David Razowsky on the evening of Sunday, June 11th.

Limit: 16 Students. No refunds.


Workshops will take place at Windows Art Gallery, 4131 Woodland Park Avenue North

All workshop purchases are final. No refunds.